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Loan financing


A loan is a suitable alternative for these that prefer to own the subject of investment and at the same time want to use subsidies from various EU programs.


  • The object is in ownership of the client from the beginning of the financing
  • The object appears in the Balance sheet of the client and can be amortized in its accounting
  • Possibility to finance also VAT
  • Possibility to use 50% of annual depreciation even for objects purchased in the end of accounting period
  • to draw financial sources from subsidy programs, where one of the conditions of state grants and subsidies is the ownership of the subject

Basic parameters:

  • New and used objects listed in depreciation classes I.-II.
  • Financing in CZK and EUR
  • Contract period up to maximum of 72 months
  • Fixed and variable installments
  • Collateral by reinsurance transfer of ownership right or a lien to the subject on behalf of the creditor

Required documents for financing: legal entities and individuals.

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