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Group Raiffeisen

Bank Group Raiffeisen is one of the biggest bank groups in Austria. Almost every second citizen of Austria is the client of Raiffeisenbank.

Bank Group Raiffeisen in Austria consists of a network of over 570 individual local Raiffeisenbanks, which together consist of 2,190 branches, 8 regional offices (Landeszentrale) and the headquarters bank in Austria (Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG). Over 40 % of all Austrians are clients of Raiffeisenbank.

As a universal bank group, Raiffeisen offers its clients a wide range of financial services. By the close connection of the three levels mentioned above, as well as specialized subsidiaries in which RZB holds its shares, each Raiffeisenbank is able to satisfy the individual needs of all client groups and is able to transfer all necessary financial services under one roof.

Raiffeisen can offer also additional financial services within the bank group:

  • Raiffeisen Capital Management - investment in stocks and funds
  • Raiffeisen-Versicherung – insurance
  • Raiffeisen Bausparkasse – building savings, a leader in Austria

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