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Real estate leasing


Are you searching for long-term financing of real estate without using your own equity in Czech or Slovak republic? Then real estate leasing is the perfect product for you. Our experience speaks for itself; the volume of our completed transactions has reached over 2 billion CZK as of 2005.

We offer to entrepreneurs financing of:

  • Production and industry premises
  • Logistic centers (warehouses)
  • Commercial buildings and shopping centers
  • Operating and administrative buildings

We offer to municipalities financing of:

  • Public buildings – schools, kindergartens, hospitals, town halls, university buildings, homes for aging, infrastructure, etc.


  • Financing 100% of your investment
  • Financing of real estate already built, including refinancing of existing loans
  • Long-term financing with fixed installments (annuity)
  • First installments after final building approval
  • No increasing of installments because of inflation
  • Possibility to include local companies in the construction of the project
  • Assuring monitoring of terms and quality during construction
  • Legal and tax consultancy incl. optiomalisation
  • Insurance of real estate including qualified evaluation of insurance risk
  • Financing real estates with or without land
  • Financing in Slovakia via Project Company located in Slovak Republic

Basic parameters:

  • Investments from 30 million CZK
  • Leasing with the right to purchase the real estate
  • Zero residual value at the end of the leasing period
  • Term 8-20 years
  • Participation with own resources according to the lease agreement
  • Insurance of real estate obligatory
  • The leasing company is the owner of the real estate during the period of leasing contract

Types of contracts:

  • Leasing and construction of new buildings (including locating land, construction proceedings, project documentation, construction, construction controlling, final construction approval)
  • Leasing of existing real estate – purchase of selected real estate and its lease (legal and tax consultancy)
  • Sale and lease back (repurchase of the real estate from future lessee, eventual reconstruction and lease back to the lessee)

Find more information about types of contracts and forms of financing.

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