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Municipality financing

komunální leasing

Financing municipality projects in the form of leasing can achieve both the faster innovation and development of infrastructure and public services, and also decreasing the level of debt from the aspect of EU regulations according to the Maastricht’s criteria.

For municipalities, towns and institutions of the public sector, we offer complex services from planning, realization and managing the projects including attractive models of financing in the form of leasing.

Objects of municipality financing can be:

  • Municipality construction projects (e.g. schools, kindergartens, buildings of offices, work sites, fire buildings, halls, public playgrounds)
  • Special technologies – heating, waste treatment plant, street lighting and technological equipment of waste dumps, incinerators, etc.
  • Motor and special vehicles, machinery and equipment, IT equipment
  • Projects of infrastructure
  • Land
  • Residential construction

We offer our services for projects of new investments, expanding or redevelopment of real estate:

  • Consultancy, planning, study processing
  • Preparation of project for land use permit and building permit
  • Coordination of construction of infrastructure in newly opened buildings or buildings without solution for infrastructure
  • Realization and management of construction, inspection of construction
  • Costs monitoring
  • Financing and management of objects


  • Fast realization of projects
  • Financing independent from Maastricht’s criteria
  • Possibility to obtain allowances and subsidies
  • Tax optimization
  • Lower requirements for managing/li>
  • Increase of employment by including local companies into the project
  • Assurance of costs, terms and quality
  • Right of the municipality to collect fees
  • Providing Liquidity for municipal projects (Sale-and-Lease-Back)

Group Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich has already completed 304 municipality constructions in Upper Austria with a total volume of investment of over 330 million EUR, from which 40 projects in Czech Republic have been completed with a total volume of 2 billion CZK.

Municipality projects are realized via project company Efis that operates in the Czech market since 1996 and is specializing in financing in the fields of energy and heating industries for towns and municipalities.

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